Camp 101

Summer Camp is for Everyone

by Sylvia van Meerten

This might be a startling fact, but one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism these days.

Practice Makes Perfect

by Dr. Christopher Thurber

No single homesickness prevention strategy is as powerful or simple as practice time away from home. Indeed, now is the perfect time for parents to arrange for their child to spend a long weekend with friends or relatives. The key is to simulate a camp-like separation from home by eschewing phone calls, refraining from pick-up deals, and encouraging hand-written correspondence.

Happy Campers

by Mary Del Ciancio

Some of Anne Marie Caneco’s fondest childhood memories come from her summer camp days. She started going to overnight camp at 9-years-old, and continued going every summer until she became a counsellor herself. Now, 36, Caneco looks back on those days as having a profound impact on her development.

Camp Q&A — Andrea Richardson, Brantford Circle Square Ranch

by Camp Pages

Q: How long have you been the director of Brantford? My husband and I are directors at this camp together and we started in 1999. Q: What is your favourite part of your…

Camp Q&A – Stephanie Rudnick, Elite Basketball Camps

by Camp Pages

I think it’s important they choose the right camp. I think it’s important that kids are spoken to about their options.

Camp Q&A – Blaine Seamone, Discovery Day Camp

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Camp Q&A – Kelly Mathews, King Day Camp

by Camp Pages

Camp Q&A – Liam Power, Power Soccer

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Camp Q&A – Mari-Beth Crysler, Camp Wabikon

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Camp Q&A – Jeff Brown, Camp Otterdale

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Camp Q&A – Ilana Stoch, Camp Kodiak

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Camp Q&A – Adam Strasberg, Camp Kawartha

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Camp Q&A – Lara Willis, Wilvaken

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Camp Q&A – Paul Cade, Muskoka Woods

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Camp Options

by Neil Sutton

From day and residential to family and tripping, there is a camp out there for every child.

Water Safety

by Shelley Makepeace

Swimming is a big part of most kids’ camp experience, which is why stressing the importance of safety around pools and lakes is a must before, during and even after camp.

Don’t Forget the Data!

by Laurie Browne, Ph.D.

Choosing a camp is not easy, but asking prospective camps for certain information will go a long way in helping you decide what camp to send your child this summer.

Why Camp is Better Than… Well Everything!

by Laura Clydesdale

“Do you even like your children?” the woman I had just met asked me. The audacity of the question took my breath away. I had been chatting with her, explaining that my kids go to sleep-away camp for two months every year.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

by Mary Del Ciancio

It’s natural for parents to have concerns about sending their child to summer camp. However, by following these expert tips, parents can put their worries to rest and help their child enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Long-Term Benefits

by Camp Pages

At summer camp, children learn many new skills — how to canoe, water ski, build a fire, just to name a few — but it is the following personal skills they learn at camp that are worth every penny it costs to send them.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Camp But Was Afraid to Ask

by Camp Pages

Here is some advice to address your common camp questions.

Camp Counselling

by Lewis Smith

When it comes to sending children to camp this summer, doing your homework is key.

What School Cannot Teach Kids

by Dr. Christopher Thurber

Parents can provide their children a path to success by starting to take the summer camp experience much more seriously.

Tips for Preparing First-Time Campers

by Camp Pages

The more you learn, the better chance you’ll have of choosing the best camp for your child. It will also decrease any apprehension you have caused by not knowing the truth or not having all the facts.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Summer Camp

by Camp Pages

Answers to these questions should give parents the confidence that the camp they are looking at is equipped (onsite) or has a strategy in place to ensure quick and competent emergency response and everyday wellness.

Camp Basics: Tip for Parents

by Camp Pages

The overall purpose of any camp is to serve the total needs of the camper - social, emotional, physical – through a fun and safe experience, in co-operative, outdoor settings. But going to camp is a big step for children and parents. Here are some key tips that will lead to a successful summer camp experience:

Camp Tales – Lucy van Oldenbarneveld

by Camp Pages

Discover what the anchor of CBC News Ottawa and former counsellor learned at camp

Camp Tales – Jocelyn Saunders

by Camp Pages

Discover what the triathlete, swim coach and massage therapist learned at camp

Camp Tales – Dave Seglins

by Camp Pages

Discover what the CBC radio, television and online journalist learned at camp

Camp Tales – Jennie Laws

by Camp Pages

Discover what the singer/songwriter learned at camp