Camp 101

Best Sunscreens for Kids

by Kaitlin Balram

This past June was globally the hottest ever recorded. With kids out of school for the summer months, many are enjoying the nice weather by attending camp, but given the recent climate trends, they should be careful while having fun in the sun.

“Get Off Your Device”

by Audrey Monke

Here are four ways summer camp can help with the parenting challenge of too much screen time

The Trust Factor

by Anya Eland

For many kids, spending the summers at overnight camp is the highlight of the year. For others, it is an experience that they need some encouragement to try!

Discussing What Makes Camp Fun and Memorable

by Anya Eland

Camp is a very special experience for kids of all ages. Everyone at camp, including staff experience an amazing adventure, one would only experience at camp. Learn what makes camp so special for kids from Andrew Martin, Camp Director of Camp Can-Aqua.

Replacing Technology With the Outdoors

by Kaitlin Balram

Fresh crisp air, birds chirping, and the sound of children’s laughter create the scene for the first day of summer camp. Kids running around excited for the week ahead. Eager first timers exploring…

Raptors Championship Win Sending Registration Numbers Up at Basketball Camps

by Kaitlin Balram

The Toronto Raptors had fans all across Canada on the edge of their seats throughout the season, but the stress and anticipation was well worth making history. The excitement from their win hasn’t…

Camps that are Making Inclusivity a Priority

by Khyrsten Mieras

Just like snowflakes, every camper is different with different likes, dislikes and needs. Diversity allows us to understand that although people are different, that doesn’t stop them from becoming friends or having things in common.

Benefits of Working at a Summer Camp

by Anya Eland

Summer camp is a fun experience for kids to learn new skills, go on adventures and make lifelong summer memories. Those who work at camp can experience the same fun as campers do and gain a number of benefits that will help them in their daily lives and will benefit them in their personal growth.

Seven Best Camp Movies to Watch This Summer

by Kaitlin Balram

School is out and camp is just about to start! Although nothing compares to the fun of being at camp on your days off from camp why not sit back with some popcorn and enjoy these must see camp movies.

How to Improve Water-Safety at Summer Camp

by Zandile Chiwanza

For traditional campers, swimming and boating are a big part of the summer camp experience. This is why water-safety should be at the top of the minds of camp staff, parents and campers.

7 Water Safety Tips For Parents

by Zandile Chiwanza

Here is everything you need to know to ensure swimming stays as safe as it is fun this summer!

How Going to Summer Camp Changed My Life

by Sasha Gollish

Where I grew up going to summer camp was the norm. Every summer I would get on a bus for 7 weeks of outdoor bliss. No parents. No technology (and this is before the days of smartphones). All the activities you could dream up. Amazing people. Ok food. And memories I carry with me for my lifetime...

What to Pack for Overnight Summer Camp

by Zandile Chiwanza

Summer is here and preparations for summer camp have begun... here's a suggested list of essentials to pack for overnight summer camp.

Preparing a Child With Autism for Summer Camp

by Sylvia van Meerten

This might be a startling fact, but one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism these days.

How To Help Campers Deal with Homesickness

by Dr. Christopher Thurber

No single homesickness prevention strategy is as powerful or simple as practice time away from home. Indeed, now is the perfect time for parents to arrange for their child to spend a long weekend with friends or relatives. The key is to simulate a camp-like separation from home by eschewing phone calls, refraining from pick-up deals, and encouraging hand-written correspondence.

The Impact of Summer Camp on a Child’s Development

by Mary Del Ciancio

Some of Anne Marie Caneco’s fondest childhood memories come from her summer camp days. She started going to overnight camp at 9-years-old, and continued going every summer until she became a counsellor herself. Now, 36, Caneco looks back on those days as having a profound impact on her development.

Fostering Independence at Brantford Circle Square Ranch

by Camp Pages

I think growing your independence in a really safe and supported environment is a great skill.

Discussing The Specifics of Elite Specialty Camps

by Camp Pages

I think it’s important they choose the right camp. I think it’s important that kids are spoken to about their options.

Discovery Day Camp Aims to Develop Your Child’s Character

by Camp Pages

Camp director Blaine Seamone's favourite part of the job is being able provide the children an opportunity for a fun and exciting and engaging summer.

Why King Day Camp is Technology-Free

by Camp Pages

 "We want children to live in the moment," Kelly Mathews, King Day Camp's director said speaking on the benefits of a technology-free camp environment.    

Building Confidence at Power Soccer

by Camp Pages

I think one of the big benefits for kids attending camp is building their confidence, getting away from their parents and a little outside their comfort zone so that they’re becoming more independent.

Dealing With Homesickness at Camp Wabikon

by Camp Pages

Homesickness is absolutely natural and it would be weird if we didn’t have homesick campers... They’re crying at the beginning because they want to go back home and they’re crying at the end because they don’t want to leave.

On Embracing the Outdoors at Camp Otterdale

by Camp Pages

We’re fighting technology more and more. And there are amazing games out there. You’re competing with some pretty flashy stuff sometimes, but at the same time, it’s more important now I think than ever that we’ve got that opportunity for kids, especially to be outdoors and identify with the outdoors.

Discussing the Impact of Camp on Campers and Counsellors

by Camp Pages

My favourite part of my job is seeing campers and counsellors grow over the summer... the feedback that the staff and the kids share is just incredible and really reminds you of how impactful a wonderful summer experience can be

From Camper to Director: Discussing Leadership at Camp Kawartha

by Camp Pages

Leading a camp is like any other business. You have to have a good leader, someone that has to be able to listen to people, someone that has to make sure people are safe

Welcoming International Campers at Wilvaken

by Camp Pages

We have a lot of international campers, so it’s really nice to get to know people from around the world and have the different cultures be a part of our camp.

Discussing The Importance of Values When Choosing Camp

by Camp Pages

Every camp also has something different to offer. Yes, every camp has a ton of activities. We have a ton of activities for everything whether it’s art or athletics, but for us, we value skill and growing in character.

Exploring Summer Camp Options For Your Child

by Camp Pages

While so many options are available, which type of camp is better for your child?

Practising Water Safety Before and After Camp

by Shelley Makepeace

Whether it’s your child’s first year at camp or their third this summer, there are water-related steps that all parents should take to make sure that the experience is safe as well as fun. Steps can be taken before, during and after camp when it comes to water safety.

3 Reasons Why to Choose a Camp that Uses Data

by Laurie Browne, Ph.D.

Choosing a camp is not easy, but asking prospective camps if they use data for certain information will go a long way in helping you decide what camp to send your child this summer.