Camp 101

Camp Counsellor Tales with Lucy van Oldenbarneveld

by Camp Pages

Discover what the anchor of CBC News Ottawa and former counsellor learned at camp

Camp Tales with Jocelyn Saunders

by Camp Pages

Discover what the triathlete, swim coach and massage therapist learned at camp

Camp Counsellor Tales with Dave Seglins

by Camp Pages

Discover what the CBC radio, television and online journalist learned at camp

Camp Tales with Jennie Laws

by Camp Pages

Discover what the singer/songwriter learned at camp

Camp Tales with Max Krangle

by Camp Pages

Discover what this lawyer learned at camp as both a camper and a counsellor

How Nature Benefits Children

by Camp Pages

For many people, camp is one of the few opportunities that children have to spend time with nature — an opportunity that takes them away from technology and helps them with their creativity, co-operation skills, positive behaviours, good stewardship and confidence. Here is how a summer spent outdoors helps today's kids:

The Keys to Positive Preparation For Camp

by Linda Johnson

First-day jitters are pretty common these days: first day of school, first day of work, first day with a new sports team.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

by Linda Johnson

As most children can tell you, spending time outside is fun. Chasing insects, going swimming in a real lake, following a winding trail through the woods, are just a few examples of the wonders of nature kids of all ages can enjoy.

5 Changes to Expect When Your Kids Return From Summer Camp

by Mitch and Stephanie Reiter

Many parents ask us about the benefits of camp, how much they can expect their child to grow and mature in a summer, and whether the changes will last beyond August.

30 Things Kids Learn at Camp

by Camp Pages Staff

Camp Pages breaks down the benefits of camp for kids of all ages

Summer Camp is Worth the Investment

by Todd Kestin

Since Junior's birth, you've been socking away savings from every paycheque to ensure he has money for university. After all, that's what responsible parents do, right? Making sure he has the education to prepare him for the workforce, to care for himself and his family...?