9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Summer Camp
July 27, 2015 by Camp Pages

Seneca College - King Day Camp

1.    What is the camp’s staff-to-camper ratio? This ratio indicates the overall level of supervision that the camp can provide your camper.

2.    What measures does the camp take to ensure the safety of the campers? You should learn about the ages and qualifications of the staff, the camp’s protocols of supervision and risk management.

3.    and the guidelines set for campers (e.g., boundaries, water safety).

4.    What is the camp’s staff return rate? A high staff return rate indicates good staff supervision, dedication to camp programs, and a high level of tradition.

5.    What programs does the camp offer? Are you looking for a traditional and varied camp program, or a camp where campers hone a particular set of skills/talents?

6.    How do the campers choose their programs at camp? Asking for a description of a “typical day at camp” will give you a good idea of the campers’ schedule, and will help you determine whether or not the campers’ time is being spent productively, actively and enjoyably.

7.    What does the camp director/staff want the campers to take away with them at the end of their camping experience? The camp director’s answer to this question will reveal the overall values and philosophies of the camp.

8.    What is the camp director’s background and what are his/her qualifications? The camp director’s age, experience, education, character and overall level of maturity will determine her/his ability to run the camp safely, smoothly, and interact appropriately with staff and campers.

9.    What kind of health-care facility/ staff is available to the campers?

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