Rock Out At Camps In The City & The Woods
March 25, 2020 by PJ Boyd

Girls Rock Camp Toronto

The forest isn’t for everyone. The joy some kids feel when they look upon the mist of a chilled lake in the early hours of the morning is what others feel when they look at a guitar. And though some summer camps offer music activities through regular outdoor educational programming, some campers just want to spend the day sitting with a band and learning how to rock out during the day, so that they can be a star at night.

If this sounds like a future camper in your household, Rock Camps in the city may be the choice for your up-and-coming star.

Girls Rock Camp is a music camp specific for young women, girls and trans girls. Situated in Toronto, campers ages 8 to 16 are empowered by what they can create with music as girls and young women. Through musical training and jam sessions with members from Toronto’s music community, camp experiences like this gives campers a firsthand look into the world of music, and into themselves and how talented they are. Even if they have never used an instrument before.

“We often will have campers come in who feel like maybe they don’t know how to play music, so this camp, they feel a little intimidated by it,” said Alysha Haugen, Co-Director of Girls Rock Camp Toronto. “Just seeing the transformation through them in the middle of the week, they realize at camp they can do it. They are now in a band, they are recording a song (We also record the songs that the kids write. And they perform at a showcase concert at the end of the week.)”

“Just seeing that self-esteem, personal growth that comes from that is something that I know really impacts them during the week. But, they also carry those lessons and those transformations during the rest of their lives or their years,” Haugen added.

When it comes to music, all people can have a voice and be heard, no matter the level of experience they have. Music camps give this opportunity to those looking to release themselves through the strumming of chords or the smashing of symbols. The expression of musicality in teamwork within a band and in music writing will help mature a camper’s talents and self-awareness.

Camp Can-Aqua

With camp opportunities like this, campers have the opportunity of spending their days learning about themselves and their passions, and then showing off to their friends and families at night. Music will be the experience, not the end result. The end result will be empowerment.

The rock camp experience doesn’t stop there. For those looking for a rock and roll experience, or any music related camp experience and find they want an escape from city life, advancing your musical life and music connections are available out in the wild.

Kerri Forrester is a music educator in Ontario who has spent the last two weeks of the past few summers working at Interprovincial Music Camp (IMC), a music camp that helps both the level and the musicality of it’s campers, while inspiring the music professionals who work there.

“Seeing the impact that music, whether that’s orchestra, band, jazz, musical theatre, songwriting, choir, or rock bands is really amazing,” said Forrester. “And watching their improvements over the course of a session is awesome. These kids live and breathe music. Many choosing to practice when they have free time! It’s a good reminder of the importance of the arts in fostering creativity but also community.”

Forrester also expresses that this type of experience is beneficial to the leaders who work at music camps. She says it inspires leaders as they dive deep into their art with campers, as well as a way to be motivated in their upcoming year. For leaders, this is a fantastic way to network with other teachers, conductors and professional musicians.

Whether playing by a campfire or curbside at night, summer camps that focus on music programming will still leave your child with lifelong experiences by the end of the camp session. Empowering them to be themselves, and showing them how much they can achieve. With options within the city and the woods, the only question is where would you like your stage?

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