4 Tips for Preparing First-Time Campers
July 27, 2015 by Camp Pages

Camp Walden

If you want to know more while preparing, after you’ve inspected the camp’s materials and talked to other families, call the camp director.

Talk to other camp parents.
Knowing you’re not alone in your concern or anxiety is comforting. Parents who’ve already sent their kids to overnight camp can tell you about their experience. They can help you think positively by telling you about the benefits of overnight camp. If you don’t know parents whose kids have gone to camp, then call the camp you chose.

Prepare your child for cabin life.
At some point, every child finds it challenging to get along with others. Most parents know how small disagreements — “He’s touching me!” “She’s on my side!” “He started it!” — can mushroom into a war between two kids. Discuss with your child the best ways to respect and get along with others.

Stay busy.
Make plans for the time your child will be at camp. You could have some quiet time alone. Or, if you have younger children at home who aren’t going to camp, this will give you some precious individual time with them. If you must continue your usual routine, stay busy in little ways.

Write often.
Renewing contact with your child feels good, and children love the renewed contact, too. For you, camp may seem close, but for kids, camp can seem as distant as the moon. It’s strange, different, and far, far away from home. Make it seem closer by staying in touch.

Source: Dr. Christopher Thurber

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